Lynn’s IMDb Movie Sound Mixer Career

When Alex Cavanaugh  challenged, “Lynn, really?” my creative juices kicked into gear.

Thank you, Alex for being curious about my IMDb credits (listed under my previous name: L. Sharon Tammarine). Curiosity opens so many door. It was fun and an honor to share a share a bit of my film making history with you.

Here’s my story on Alex’s blog “Behind the Scenes with Movie Sound Mixer.

Alex’s question was expressed Wednesday March 7, during the IWSG blog-hop. Thank you all for stopping by for a visit. If you have any questions, please ask & I’ll do my best to answer.


13 thoughts on “Lynn’s IMDb Movie Sound Mixer Career

    1. Hi Tyrean, I just read you post about the fallen tree and your super hero attitude. Interesting to learn that comic books were burned in the 50’s that seems so recent! Guess that says how old I am, right? thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment.

  1. It was fun sharing a few incidents that happened when working on movie sets. Folks take pictures of wild birds in our area. None are as tame as yours. Nice to have earned their trust. Thank you for visiting and taking time to comment.

    1. Hi Ellen, Thanks for saying I live an interesting life. I thoroughly enjoy keeping my eyes open, seeing something interesting, then writing about it. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to chat.

    1. Hi Roland, Yup, a lot of folks have chased that Hollywood dream. Writing does allow for self expression and costs a whole lot less to publish. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to chat.

  2. kaykuala

    Thanks for sharing your expertise, Lynn. Knew more now on the ‘behind the scenes’ episodes


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