IWSG Aug 1, Publishing Pitfalls

IWSG Badge-smIt’s the first Wednesday of the month and that means Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is enjoying its monthly blog fest invented by Alex J. Cavanaugh. IWSG is a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

The awesome co-hosts for the August 1 posting of the IWSG are Erika Beebe, Sandra Hoover, Susan Gourley, and Lee Lowery!

IWSG Question: What pitfalls would you warn other writers to avoid on their publication journey?

My Answer: I write blog posts based on true events in my life. In a recent IWSG post, Crystal Collier asked me if I have plans to compile my stories into a memoir.

The thrill of a new idea wakes me in the wee hours. I awake with a hunger to get my idea on the page. To share slivers of my life with you, my reader. To tell a compelling story that grips your attention for a few minutes.

Early Morning Unvited Guest

I crave to find the right word to express to you the terror I felt when the scorpion scuttled across the living room tile.

Death By Cane


And the relief when Rick crushed the thing with his cane.


My tick-tock internal question is,
1. “When will my writing be good enough?”
2. Followed by, “When will they be good enough to publish?”

3. And, “Who is my audience?”

As the leader of La Cruz Writers’ Group I watched folks grow from index cards to published author. I’ve listened to their questions. I’ve paid close attention to the answers. I’ve listened to hours of Webinars. The more I learn, the more intimated I become. Marketing is a ton of work and time.  The royalty checks are often puny. I wonder why invest dear money in publishing? Is sharing my adventures on a blog enough?


This month, I’ll be visiting your blog and gleaning answers from each of you.

Thank you for visiting. It’s always a joy to read your comments. I promise is to return the favor and visit your blog.