Our Story

Welcome to our La Vita website. La Vita is/was the name of our boat s/v La Vita, a Hans Christian 33T. We are her captains/crew (depending on whose watch it happens to be) Rick and Lynn Bradshaw. This site was originally to be an account of our travels by sea and sailing vessel throughout the world.

However, enroute to the Panama Canal in 2011, “life” as so often happens, did indeed happen. Long story short, we arrived in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico (a bit north of Puerto Vallarta) on Valentine’s Day, 2011 with me (Rick) not feeling so well. After going through some medical trials and tribulations we discovered the cause of my “illness”. Blood clots. Massive blood clots in both legs and a massive Pulmonary Embolism. Upon questioning as to the severity of it all was given about 2 days to live.

Obviously, I survived since I am writing this. However, that was only the first of many medical issues that were to befall both myself and Lynn. Every time we thought we would be able to leave and restart our travels, one or the other would have a medical issue requiring surgery. Finally in 2016 we decided to fly to Europe instead of sail and where yet another medical issue awaited. That issue finally required hospitalization in France followed by international travel and three spinal surgeries in the states that were largely unsuccessful requiring me to learn to walk again not once but twice.

Fast forward to 2020 after a year of double masking due to Covid without an end to that in sight. After being unsuccessful in acquiring a vaccine here in La Cruz, (were told it would have been either a Chinese or Russian vaccine) we flew to the states to get the J&J vaccine. No problems with that. Just constant double masking which we still do today. As irritating as mask wearing is, it is better than the alternative (death).

That brings us up to more recent times. We finally realized that we were no longer able to sail away on La Vita. I (Rick) along with the spinal issues which have an effect on my mobility, also have arthritis in multiple joints. At least one is bone to bone and the result is that my right hand cannot securely grip and hold lines as I need to be able to do.

Lynn’s shoulders are a bit of an issue (after four surgeries total) and there are some eyesight/glasses issues as well as hand related issues as well although luckily not arthritis related. So, we made the decision that we needed to sell La Vita, our home for about 15 years and move ashore.

That has been one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make. Naturally, I thought I could do all the cleaning, etc. that was necessary to get her ready to sell. After some lengthy trials, I found that it was taking too long and too much attrition to my body. We finally agreed to hire some of the work to be done.

As time progressed, more and more were done by our crew of maintenance people. It has been quite difficult to understand that both of us are now in that time of life where some things are no longer possible. How it crept up on us we don’t know. I guess it is something that happens to everyone but we just kept thinking that we had 5 or 10 more years ahead to continue to do things. So, La Vita is now for sale and listed with Vallarta Yachts. She is regularly watched and professionally maintained and we pay her a visit from time-to-time to check on her.

It’s been a tough transition but we have made it or rather are still making, it. We had to rent a place on land and move off of our longest time home. (Neither of us had lived in one home for so long in our entire lives.) It is somewhat difficult to live someplace that isn’t moving but we will get used to it.

We looked for something in La Cruz. We found nothing there that was remotely affordable with parking for our car and had security as well as an elevator if above the ground floor. Currently there are many places being built in La Cruz that have multiple floors and may become available in the future.

Our current residence is a 3rd floor condo in a high rise (7 floors) on the south edge of Bucerias; just about half way to Puerto Vallarta and about 20 minutes from La Cruz. We decided that given our medical issues we needed a single floor unit not 2 floors as is the normal rental in this general area. We have secure parking for our car and a storage area as part of the deal. We wanted security and we now have 2 levels of security to pass through when entering or leaving and we have to notify security if anyone for any reason comes to see us.

Lynn was the manager/leader of the La Cruz Writers Group when we were in the marina. The group met ashore in the marina for many years. When Covid hit, in person meetings were no longer possible. She took the group online via Zoom meetings and email.

A core group has remained active. But, because of the transitory nature of cruisers (even during Covid) the group is not meeting in person and therefor new participants have not been attending. By the time they find out about the group it is time for them to move on to another place. The La Cruz Writers Group (LCWG) has a members only blog on this site (see menu). Anyone interested in the La Cruz Writers Group should contact Lynn via email.

And so, life continues here in Mexico. We expect to be here until…. Well, we don’t know when, or if, we will leave. If it should happen it will not likely to be before La Vita is sold. And, if we leave, we have absolutely no idea of where in the world our destination would be.

We hope to keep in contact with friends we have met along the way through this website. As we transition to living ashore we are also transitioning to other interests that we hope to include in this website by adding other pages in the menu.

For those who have followed us off and on for a few years, you might also notice the look of the site has changed. That is all due to Lynn’s extensive efforts. It was a very steep learning curve starting at nearly zero to redesign the old site and transition it to another host. What she had to go through is not for the faint of heart. Let’s just say that before you take on this kind of project, fully research what is required. WordPress is not exactly “plug & play” if you have your own hosted site.