In April 2016, we flew to France for our dream vacation. Rick’s back and bulging disks had other ideas. We did achieve one goal: celebrating Rick’s 70th birthday on top of the Eiffel tower! A few days later, Rick was admitted to the hospital where the doctors injected cortisone intoContinue Reading

CONTINUED FROM FAILURE TO LAUNCH, Part 2 Failure to Launch is three-part follow-up series to the summer of 2014 when we invested blood, sweat, and tears to prepare LA VITA for the next leg of our long distant voyage. These events were chronicled in Count Down To Launch. THE FINALContinue Reading

CONTINUED FROM PART ONE Rick and I are on high alert. We’ve been driving for three solid days on this endless gray highway.  The detour sign is missing. A truck driver, using hand signals, shows us which lane to take.  “Look out,” I shout, pointing straight ahead. Traffic is divertedContinue Reading

Dock lines are curled and ready to toss. Waypoints charted from marina to destination. LA VITA is ready from mast to keel. Rick and Lynn are primed to go. It’s two weeks before Christmas 2014. “Time to raise the dinghy and tie her down on the foredeck,” says Rick reachingContinue Reading

We busted our butt getting LA VITA shipshape. It was a long, hot, and wet summer. Lynn The Drowned Rat Wet Bunk and Soggy Saloon A leak developed over our bunk and in the saloon. Thank goodness the soggy pillows were on Rick’s side of the berth. (Please click onContinue Reading

“I think I’ve been bit!” I said in disbelief as I put down my camera and discover two holes in my leg. I just  became collateral damage in an angry territorial dispute between local mongrel dogs. (Video: Click to play) Mongrels in Action It’s 7am and we are on ourContinue Reading

Where do I begin? It’s been nearly a year since I wrote about life on LA VITA. We’re alive and thriving. You probably guessed the ‘alive’ part because I’ve written this post. Thriving is subjective, but I’d say we are. Over the past months we’ve tackled huge projects, both personalContinue Reading

Many years ago, Daniel (my grandson) visited me in San Diego. I was working on an art exchange video. Here is an excerpt of the video featuring Daniel. It is very short video (1:12). Daniel is opening an envelop. Inside is a picture drawn by a child living in Estonia.Continue Reading

In our last post we listed Kids’ Wish list for Santa as written by some very special young people. You may remember these little ones are living at a local children’s shelter, Casa Hogar, and are cared for by Manos de Amor (Hands of Love). Kids Having Loads of FunContinue Reading

(A special thanks to everyone for giving me permission to take their picture. Note: click on picture to enlarge.) My adventure begins during Rick’s fourth hospital visit. Ibana, one of Rick’s nurses, has invited me to visit her mom, Julia in Santiago. Santiago is a small town five hours northContinue Reading