Yes! Finally, some good news! I have flow!

Now, that may sound a bit strange to those who have not been following my trials and tribulations for the past year plus.

Planned Stress???

Believe it or not, we actually planned to stress Rick even further!


To learn the results,

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Once Again Into The Breech…

One more time a doctor’s checkup ends in a stay at the hospital (Hospital visit #5 in year 2011).


Why am I going into the breech (aka hospital) again???

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And One More Time!!!

This is my fourth hospital “vacation” this year and getting to be old. This time for 24 days. The nurses on virtually every hospital floor know me by name. This is a problem or two. First, I don’t remember their names. Second, I’m getting tired of being in the hospital.


Well, just as we’re getting ready to head south again, up jumps life.

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Lynn’s Birthday Celebration

Yup, it’s birthday time for Lynn, again. This one is filled with surprises. [simage=1215,200,y,center,]

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If I Were A Cat, I’d Still Have 7 Lives

We haven’t posted much for a while. Not our intention to wait so long since we got things caught up before leaving Mazatlan, MX. Sometimes life gets in the way and the blog must take a back seat to more pressing issues. Also, Lynn always writes these “tomes” but today she is the editor; a switch of roles.

Does that tell you that something unusual has been going on? Now, where to start? Well, I guess essentially at the beginning.

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Second Chance

In our last post, Rick described his incredible recovery from massive blood clots in his legs, heart, and lungs and kidney stones, and septic shock when treated for kidney stones. See post, If I Were A Cat, I’d Still Have 7 Lives.

As a follow up, this post describes our extraordinarily successful and simultaneously stressful trip to San Diego. We squeeze in two years of doctor appointments, personal shopping, boat parts purchases and fun into 10 days!

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Stone Island, #3

Saturday, Feb. 12, We left Marina Mazatlan for the 3rd time. We are at Stone Island. Dropped the hook just before noon. Had a beer, some soup, and gave thanks for our friends and family in our lives. Sail and anchoring when just fine. Only two other boats here. We plan to leave Sunday around 7am for La Cruz. Will write again next weekend.



Up The Mast!

On January 24, 2010 I went to the very top of the mast for the first time. The mast is 50-feet high. This is as high as a 5-story building.


Rick and worked together to get me to the top of the mast. I was in a boson’s chair with a halyard connected to my harness.

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Between Heaven and Earth

Sunset at Mazatlan, Mexico
Tonight we are between heaven and earth!

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