Jorge’s Gift

Jorge has been delivering water for the last few months. He does most of the work. He bring the bottles to the boat (usually about 15 5-gallon bottles) and pours them into the water deck fill.


I sit beside him, count the number of bottles emptied, and move the empty bottles out of the way.

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Fantastic Sailing

This morning I received an email suggesting if I wanted fantastic sailing, I’d have to change boats. The author has been skipper, captain, and crew plus years of experience on a wide variety of boats. His comments are sincere and we’ve enjoyed many email exchanges.

His email prompted my reply:

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Mainsheet Track Incident

Interesting thing happened on the way from Mazatlan to La Cruz in the Puerto Vallarta area. The port end of our mainsheet track began to pull up and before I [Rick] could come about and relieve the pressure, it had gone to about 75 degrees or so.


Apparently the bolt securing it had either 1) had its nut come off inside the caprail or 2) never had one. We will be finding out once we have this fixed and will be starting down that road today.

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At Stone Island AGAIN

We had some problems yesterday (Wed.) with the main sheet track that controls the main sail. Now it is Thurs. and this morning we are heading back to Marina Mazatlan for repairs.

We were never in serious danger, but didn’t want to sail for two days dealing with the problem. We don’t know how long it will take to make the repairs. We’ll post our new timeframe as soon as we can.

I’ll upload pictures this weekend to show what happened. The sequence of events belongs in the Believe It Or Not category.

Leaving Stone Island Wed. Jan 12

We were all set to pull up the anchor on Tuesday afternoon. Everything stowed and ship-shape. Then we looked at each other and said, “Let’s leave tomorrow, (Wed. Jan 12)”. Instant agreement. At that, we popped a beer and settled back to read a book.

At first we guilty for being irresponsible for not keeping to our schedule. Soon the guilt washed away to be replaced by a feeling of total indulgence. Simply wonderful!

So, we are heading to La Cruz. Wed. Jan 12 and expect to arrive by the weekend. Weather looks good for the next several days.

La Vita At Anchor!

It is Noon Tuesday Jan. 11 and we are anchored at Stone Island (13 nm south of Marina Mazatlan). Our first night at anchor in almost a year and a half!

It is wonderful! We are so happy and content. Beautiful sunset and sunrise. Dinner was a tamale from the Veggi guy and beer.

The Rocna held the moment it touched the sand. Rick tested the new foot switch to the windless and it worked. The biggest success (for me) is I drove the boat in the right direction when in reverse. Last summer I failed miserably . Today we will probably leave for La Cruz. It is about 36 hours (at 5 knots) south of us and we don’t arrive in the dark.

We are still deciding when is a good time to head out. It looks like we will be leaving between 3pm and 5pm for La Cruz.

If you want to locate us using Goggle Earth, here is our latitude and longitude: Latitude 23 degrees 10 minutes 958 seconds North Longitude 106 degrees 24 minutes 546 seconds West

Lynn & Rick KI6AQG

—- NOTE: This post is being sent our Ham radio.

Leaving Mazatlan

After nearly a year in Mazatlan, Mexico, we are heading south this morning (Monday). We will miss the friends we have made here in Mazatlan. Wonderful people, marina, town, and lifestyle.

We have added a Translation button to our blog. It is located in the upper right corner of the page. If you don’t see, scroll up the page.

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2009 Guaymas

The crossing from Santa Rosalia (Baja side) to Mazatlan (mainland side) is about 12-hours. We arrive in Guaymas at 9:30am on October 26, 2009.


Thank goodness the passage is easy because Rick is getting over food poisoning he suffered a couple of days before we left.

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2009 Cave Painting

After recovering from hurricane Jimena, we decide to tour El Ratón (The Mouse) Cave paintings. These are one of the oldest cave paintings in Baja California. They are dated over 7,400 years old.


We arranged our tour through Ecoturismo Kuyima, located in the town of San Ignacio.

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Lynn’s Birthday Celebration!

It was decided that Thursday was the day to remove the old Raritan head (toilet) and begin installing the new Lavac head.

The only problem, it’s my birthday! So we decide to have fun.

First the old toilet must be removed and placed on the dock.


Please note the candle on the head.

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