Planned Stress???

Believe it or not, we actually planned to stress Rick even further!


To learn the results,

As you can imagine, it is taking time for Rick’s body to recover from his five (5) trips to the hospital in 2011. (To see our post describing Rick’s 5th visit, click HERE:

Rick wants know what’s going on with his heart. Dr. Rios refers to Dr. Hernandez for an echocardiogram and stress test.

A few days later, Rick meets with Dr. Carlos Hernandez. He is hooked up to echocardiogram equipment.


Dr. Hernandez explains what the images represent.


Now that Rick’s heart had been examined, it’s time for his stress test.


After a few minutes, Rick is exhausted, gasping for breath and has the recurring ache in the lower abdomen area.

Sometimes this ache causes Rick to bend over to get relief (if it is bad enough).  Sometimes if he stands still, the ache goes away.


After the tests are completed, Dr. Hernandez explains why Rick experiences shortness of breath and the ache below his belly.

The TrapEase “filter” we implanted in your inferior vena cava prevents blood clots migrating to your heart and lungs.


You still have a large blood clot in the belly area. The blood flows around the blood clot through a network of collaterals. Collaterals are very small veins.

When you do a moderate amount of walking, there is more blood circulation through the collaterals. The ache you are experiencing is associated with the large amount of blood trying to flow through the collaterals around the lower abdomen area.

By exercising more, the collaterals will develop and this pain will go away. The changes are going to take months to improve your physical condition.

Rick, keep walking for 9 minutes a day, for at least 3 weeks. Then take extra steps to increase time to walking 10 or 11 minutes. After 3 weeks, you should see an improvement with your shortness of breath and the pain around your belly area.


Good News: Rick’s heart is just fine.
Bad News:
Rick’s physical condition is poor.

Walk at a steady pace for nine (9) minutes and increase distance every three (3) weeks.
Lose weight!
Cost: Knowing that Rick’s heart is strong is priceless.

Dr. Hernandez is a valuable member of Rick’s medical team and has treated Rick from the beginning with his first hospitalization in 2011.

Dr. Hernandez is highly skilled professional, speaks excellent English, and really cares about his patients.

Dr. Carlos Hernandez Ramos, Cardiologist and Intern
For appointment, call 322-225-8737
Dr. Hernandez practices in Hospital San Javier as well as other hospitals in the area, and has his own office in Puerto Vallarta.

At the end of Rick’s appointment, he was handed a DVD of his echocardiogram, written report, real-time print out of his ECG monitoring.

We know we can count on Dr. Carlos Hernandez every step of the way.

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