GOLD EAGLE Update 2014 Dec. 06

Gold Eagle Update 2014 Dec. 06
Hurricane Odile Hit: Sept 15-16, 2014
Author: Ron Strathman
Facebook Page: Ron Strathman

Gold Eagle continues to lay upright on her keel waiting to move to deeper water which cannot be done without functioning bilge pumps. 6 of the 8 six volt T-125 batteries have survived after being submerged in salt water for over month. One is defiantly dead and there wasn’t enough battery acid, which should arrive from La Paz today, to fill the other. The bank of 6 batteries and a 12 volt gas engine/alternator should be adequate to keep the bilge pumps running the navigation lights and radio going for the passage to Guymas and an immediate haulout.

The 5 hp gas engine carburetor failed the battery charging smoke test. Just too much corrosion. Fortunately, another engine fell out of the wood work. This required the usual gas tank and carburetor cleanup and an additional trip to the machine shop to make another pulley and belt tensioner. So far the engine seems to run well and gets the charger smoke test today.

If all is well with the pumps the remaining issues are running lights and safety gear for the “safety inspection” required by the Port Capitan. And, as the Perkins diesel is a total loss, a tow across the pond, Hopefully next week. Looks like this part of the rescue “Gold Eagle” project may be over soon.

For photos and the Gold Eagle story and fund raiser necessary to make all this happen visit the Old Man and the Sea Facebook page and the LA VITA blog.

Again, many thanks to all who have contributed to this effort both tangibly and otherwise.

Without your support this effort would have been impossible.
Ron, s/v GOLD EAGLE.

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