GOLD EAGLE Update 2014 Nov. 13

GOLD EAGLE Update 2014 Nov. 13
Hurricane Odile Hit: Sept 15-16, 2014
Author: Ron Strathman
Facebook Page: Ron Strathman

Yesterday we got Gold Eagle upright and the plan for today was to get the pumps going but found that the ​first patch we made on the starbord side, which was done with plywood ​and plasticene, looked a bit shaky so decided to re do the repair with​rubber mat and tar which is far better than plywood.

So, we spent the ​rest of the day dealing with the Port Capitan and API, the federal agency in charge of all ports in Mexico and salvaging gear from below decks, which were both decidedly unpleasant tasks! More on the political stuff later.

On the positive side several weeks ago Arturo salvaged the power tools which the thieves had overlooked and put them in a barrel ​of fresh water to slow the corrosion. In true Mexican style he has ​resurrected most of them. router, saber saw, several Makita battery ​drills, Wen soldering gun, etc. This required complete disasembly, ​cleaning – and they were ugly! – including the switches, bearings, etc.

​At first I humored him while I did the internet stuff but when the ​router spun up to its rated rpm and the drills did fwd and reverse and ​the clutches worked and the solder gun got hot – all with gasoline, WD40​ and axel grease ……. another Pony in the Pile of Horse S…. For ​those in Greece, France, Mexico, or wherever, that means that means a ​very good thing in happened in an otherwise dismal day.

The wifi is still too slow for fotos. More later.
Hurricane Odile hit: Sep 17, 2014


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