GOLD EAGLE Update 2014 Nov. 14

GOLD EAGLE Update 2014 Nov. 14
Hurricane Odile Hit: Sept 15-16, 2014
Author: Ron Strathman
Facebook Page: Ron Strathman

Yesterday we finally got the pump going and got Gold Eagle pumped out down to the cabin sole. The pump is an old 3″ cast iron centrifugal unit powered by 10 hp gasoline pull start engine. Turns out that the interior of the pump was so corroded it just wouldn’t make much water. So, after cleaning up the impeller and bearings, making new gaskets, etc., it really got with it.

Any way, the plan was to pump her out to the extent possible and see if the repairs worked. Sure enough she leaked but not as much as we expected. Looks like she is making water at about 200 gallons per hour.

For those with fiberglass boats this would be horrendous but not so bad for an old wood boat. There are two relatively new 3500 gph pumps installed in the bilge and two more spares so we think we can handle the leaks. The first repair made on the stbd side is suspect so we plan to re-do it today with better materials.

At high tide, with the water pumped out she she is laying pretty close to the water line when fully afloat and moving about a bit so we think we are pretty close to getting her off without using flotation bags, etc.

So, with diesel and water tanks empty, batteries, booms and sails removed, cushions, mattresses, floor boards, the rest of the trashed gear below removed w think she will float off. The stern is only 15′ from deeper water!

Before we get her off the beach it’s necessary to get the pumps, batteries, and charger working. There are 8 T125 house batteries and 1 start battery, all relatively new, that have been mostly under water since the hurricane came through. I have enough concentrated sulpheric acid and distilled water to replace the salt water contaminated acid in the batteries but will probably need a small gas powered generator to keep up with the pumps for the crossing to La Paz.

I am still denied access to power from the marina office to power up the on-board Xantex 150 amp charger. For shame…….Next weeks project!


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