GOLD EAGLE Update 2014 Nov. 15

Gold Eagle Update 2014 Nov. 15
Hurricane Odile Hit: Sept 15-16, 2014
Author: Ron Strathman
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The plan today was to remove all the weight possible from the boat and that started with the chaos below. I need access to the bilge pump wiring to connect them to batteries which will be on the deck and water and fuel hoses to empty the tanks. So, the day started in the forepeak to remove the bunk cushions and all the stuff(!!) stored there so I could get the pump suction hose as low as possible in the boat.

Spent the rest of the day in the salon removing wet, very black cushions, 15 large garbage bags of wet books, cruising guides, charts, ruined clothes, a lot of canned and bagged food – 4 months provisions.

What was in the bow ended up in the galley and vise versa; an incredible mess. On top of that there is a large amount of bay muck, sticks and stones, etc everywhere. Today was the first time I have had much access to spaces below. Haven’t got to the bunk or the head yet.

The guys wanted to get in the muck below and help but since it was my stuff and my responsibility I kept them out.

So, tomorrow AM a large pickup load of stuff goes to the dump. Probably 3 or 4 more trips will be necessary. The pangeros came along side to help haul the stuff off and load it on Arturos truck at the pangero dock. So, the Pony in the Pile of Horse ……today was to find a number of tools – wrenches, chisels, more electric tools, SS pots and pans, my prised SS perk coffee pot, a good bottle of wine vinegar, another container of peanut butter, and a few other goodies.

Guess it’s the small things that count sometimes. Had to trash a bunch of Blue Sea Systems electrical spares, precious refrigeration parts.
The discovery today was that in no way would bilge pumps live with the disintegreted paper and other stuff that will be impossible to remove so we will have to make some sort of filter system to keep the stray crap out of the pumps.

As bad as this sounds progress was made today! It’s just that I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy … Well, maybe one!


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