GOLD EAGLE Update 2014 Nov. 19

Gold Eagle Update 2014 Nov. 19
Hurricane Odile Hit: Sept 15-16, 2014
Author: Ron Strathman
Facebook Page: Ron Strathman

The WiFi has been down and/or out here for the past week. Many thanks to Lynn on s/v LA VITA, for getting out updates out this past week. Before I forget the fundraiser url is – as Lynn reminds me to do is:


The current status of Gold Eagle is that she is nearly afloat on her own. After rebuilding the pump on loan from the fire department we got her pumped out well below the floor beams. At high tide she was struggling to get afloat on her own but still making water at about 200 gals per hour.

There is a suspect repair, the 1st one done on the stbd side, that we will be re-doing with tar and rubber mat tomorrow. The installed bilge pumps are rated at 3500 ghh each and considering the loss for the head (5′). they should be able to keep up with the leaks, And I have 2 spares if necessary.

So, the task at hand is to remove all weight possible. That includes booms and gaffs – and they are heavy, remaining sails, fuel and fresh water, generator, and all the water soaked stuff below – cushions mattresses, ……… what a mess.

And getting batteries (I have access to 12 T125 6 volt batteries), and a way to charge them aboard. I have a serviceable 150 amp charger aboard but as yet, no AC generator.

Most of the past two days has involved “overhead time”; meetings with the local port officials. Seems there is pressure from Mexico City to get this mess resolved, and now. Since all the boat docs have not been recovered as yet and if they are, well, by the looks of the rest of the stuff they won’t be usable, I requested a 1 time permit to move the boat to Guymas.

Oh, my – shouldn’t have done that. Now have to schedule a full sea worthiness inspection. And the docs, “Oh, we must have the docs”. And so it goes from the beginning.

I’m not sure if “friends” have access to my Facebook Timeline but all the history of this mess is there. [Ron’s Facebook page is Ron Strathman].

Being not of weak knees nor sound mind I proceedeth. (I just made that up!)

I would like to correct a report published in Latitude 38 this month. At the behest of the US consulate in Tijuana, an attorney there, and several attorneys in the US it was recommend that, while arrest was not probable, I may have been placed on a “do not leave Mexico list.” Therefore, it would be easier to obtain proper legal counsel outside Mexico, a passport, bank cards, clothes, etc. Which I did.

Should anyone be interested, I obtained, from “experienced” friends in New Port RI, an excellent Maritime attorney in Tijuana who resolved the immediate problems in Santa Rosalia, via Mexico City and La Paz.

If you wish more on this contact me via email –
Well, damn, wifi is too slow to do fotos. more later – sorry

Ron S/V Gold Eagle Santa Rosalia, BCS, Mexico


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