GOLD EAGLE Update 2014 Nov. 21

Gold Eagle Update 2014 Nov. 21
Hurricane Odile Hit: Sept 15-16, 2014
Author: Ron Strathman
Facebook Page: Ron Strathman

So, as an update: Yesterday and today removed almost all the excess weight possible including the generator, foremain and gaff booms and sail which is laced between the main and gaff – she is a gaffer and there are two booms per mast – all nine batteries, an unrecognizable soaked mess which was the library, more tools, the contents of the paint locker – all rusted badly but no leakers, lots of canned stuff, engine and generator spares …… God give me the strength.

About all that remains is the very heavy main and gaff booms and sail, 75 gallons of diesel and the fresh water tanks which can be drained into the bilge- and a very heavy, soaked, once wonderful Capitan’s mattress. So, all told several tons + of gear has made it to the beach.

The project today was to rehab the house batteries – 8 T 125’s and – 1 12 volt start battery. The all were salt water contaminated. So, the process is, assuming that the batteries were in good condition before and mine were near new, dispose of the acid/salt water liquid, flush (read shake – an 80 lb battery) several times let them drain and dry a bit and fill with battery grade sulfuric acid. That’s a mix of 34% pure sulfuric acid, 64% distilled water. Hard to find on a good day in the states.

The first victim was the start battery which, according to the book, will take two days to rehabilitate, is on a very old Mexican charger and doing well. So far. The book is a Rolls Royce Battery maintenance manual on the net for flooded wet cell batteries, a must have for any cruising boat!. I have enough acid to rehab 4 T-125’s which with a generator YTBF (yet to be found) should handle the bilge pumps.

Don’t think it’s a good idea to do photos of the battery thing Lynn!! If the net holds or is up in the am I’ll try to send a few better times pics. This old bod is bone tired and headed to the sack.

Ron S/V Gold Eagle Santa Rosalia, BCS, Mexico


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