3. We Support s/v REBEL HEART 6 April 2014

Recently, our friends on s/v REBEL HEART were rescued at sea. They were 900 nautical miles off shore on their way to South Pacific. Their daughter needed medical treatment and REBEL HEART  lost steering. When the media reported their story and questioned their decision to undertake this voyage with young children, the story went viral.

Rick wrote and posted a comment in support of their family and lifestyle.  His comment was originally posted April 6, 2014 on Rebel Heart’s Website; Charlottes blog page.

To read what Rick has to say, click Read more:

In addition to publicly supporting their decision, we have also put our money where our mouth is and contributed to their fundraising site.

If you are interested in supporting this family, the following fundraising site has been established for donations. Funds go directly into the crew’s their account. If you’re looking for a way to help: this is it. https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/djWq3

From what we have heard things are going relatively well and that health issues are improving. We hope that it continues. FWIW, we concur with “Amanda”, “Tamiko”, “Rodger Ling”, “Tripp and Lisa” and so very many others’ positive, supportive comments. Seems those that are out here or have been and actually know what it takes and what is happening are the supportive ones and those that aren’t/haven’t really don’t have a clue no matter how “intelligent” they think they are. Ignore them for you know what is actually what. The only thing we can do at this point is support you here.

Hopefully, soon you will be able to let us all know what the flooding problem was. Went to sleep last night thinking about it and woke up this morning doing the same. All kinds of possible issues and thoughts about possible solutions.

As people who know the crew of Rebel Heart, as cruisers ourselves, as a retired member of the USAF, and as someone who has had difficulty with medical issues, and medical issues while under sail I must comment on the negativity of the “know (or ‘no’) nothings” who have and probably will continue their vicious postings here. You appear to find that those who have done what it takes to take charge of their lives, who teach their children responsibility from an early age, and what it is like to actually live their lives (as opposed to viewing what they perceive through fictional scripts to be real life from behind computer/TV/tablet/smart phone screens) have a problem. I can only wonder what you would have said about your own forebearers who set sail with their families from other lands. If they hadn’t done so, you probably would not now exist since your predecessors would likely have not procreated (there’s that suggestion of a certain “horrible” 3-letter word again) because they would have ceased to exist before that opportunity presented itself. And yes, there are those ashore who actually understand and that don’t fall into the generalities that appear both above and below.

“You” talk about “risk” as if it is something no one should ever do. Yet how many of you “nay sayers” text or talk on your cell phone (hands free or not) while driving a vehicle, or even walking down the street, or pushing your baby carriage? When you crash your vehicle, hit a pedestrian, or step out into traffic without proper attention do you believe that the EMTs who speed to your aid are “risking” their lives when they may also be involved in an accident caused by someone else who is text, talking, etc.? Not many, if any at all. You take it as your right and how dare they take as long as they did to reach you and yours. Don’t they know that lives are on the line?. Yet you who don’t know nor think believe it is right for you to speak ill of these people who plan their lives and prepare for as much as they can quite unlike “you” stepping off the curb in front of that bus, etc. while engrossed in that text that “couldn’t wait”. Simply amazing.

“You” speak of cost of these rescues and how these people should repay the costs. Do you repay the costs of the EMTs spoken of above or the firefighter who puts out the fire in your home? How about the chopper and rescue personnel that plucks you from the roof of your flooded out home? No. They are funded by taxes. These people paid their taxes too and these are their EMTs, “firefighters”, etc. The military train to do these things. How else would they be able to do them for other military members in time of war? They wouldn’t. Is it better to spend funds on training without real life consequences or when there are real life consequences? Would “you” have the same mindset to function to the best of your ability if the “person” you retrieved was not a real person whose life depended on you doing what you do to the very best of your ability? I think not. I doubt that “you” currently, actually do everything to the very best of your ability in your sales, manufacturing, or desk bound life either. In the case of the military, they are paid the same whether they are rescuing a “dummy” or if they are rescuing a living person and the ships are out there anyway. The risks to do that are the same. And, weather issues also have to be trained for. Without that they become fair weather rescuers. “I’m sorry sir/madam but we can’t fly/sail/drive out to rescue you from the rubble that was your house (tornado), your house roof (flood) or your vehicle accident because it is raining, snowing, blowing, etc.” This is no different.

“You” advocate stocking the boat with “pampers” and then throwing them overboard instead of using fabric diapers. You say this when there is a “garbage patch” the size of Texas up to 90 (that is nine zero) feet thick that has been washed out to sea from land just sitting and circulating slowly in the middle of the Pacific ocean. This is also thought to be part of the cause for changes in weather around the world. Weather is created by the temperature and movement of ocean water and winds. Stop it or decrease it and you change the weather. Yet, you would have them contribute to that “garbage patch” because it flies in the face of your perception of what is “right”. “You” or your parents or at least grand parents wore fabric diapers. Pampers were not “always” available and taking the point of view that such a small amount of garbage will not make a difference is unthinking like throwing your styrofoam cup in a land fill or a storm drain. Doesn’t matter? Tell it to the fish, animals, etc. that are dying due to ingesting this garbage because their natural food isn’t available (died off due to the same reason) due to your kind of unthinking. The next time you go to the store and buy food that has gone up in price or is not available, you think about that coffee cup or Pampers you threw out or advocated be thrown away because it “didn’t matter”. What was your part in creating the drought, flood, massive hurricane that destroyed those crops? Talk about cost!

Oh, and about that issue of cleaning diapers in the sink. Perhaps “you” are so caught up in your perceived “horror” of procreation thoughts that you forgot about that other 4-letter word; s-o-a-p. Or perhaps another spelled b-u-c-k-e-t? You know. Something like your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents did or used and perhaps even you grew up with.

As to the crew of Rebel Heart and Rebel Heart herself, we hope to see them both back here in Bandaras Bay as quickly as possible. Or, if not here specifically, then read of their lives back aboard again.

Rick & Lynn
also Great Grandparents

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