Stanchion “Goop”

Shortly after we bought LA VITA, some kind of goop would seep out of one stanchion at the boarding gate. It is dark brown and oozes along the gunnel, out the scupper, and down the outside of the hull.

We decided to hire Ruben to wash and wax the hull. It had been over two years, so it was well over due.

First we had to deal with the awful brown stuff that drooled out of the stanchion on a daily basis.


What should have been a straight-forward job turns out to be more complex than first expected. The stanchion cannot be easily removed and cleaned because it is welded to the life-rail in the cockpit. Plan “B” is to seal the opening at the bottom of the stanchion.


Due to the lack of available working space beside the stanchion, the length of the bolts, and the weld at the top it was a slow process to unfasten the stanchion mount and free the stanchion so I could see what was under it.


The “goop” seemed to be coming from one of the lower fastener holes and then dribbling down and out. For some crazy reason, it seemed to be oozing out more frequently. The heat we had experienced the last few years may have had something to do with it but the true cause was never determined.


I simply cleaned it off the outside and the inside of the hole as much as I could and then applied 3M 5200 to the backing plate and the fiberglass, put the bolts back through, and tightened them down until the 5200 began to ooze from all sides due to the pressure and then waited for it to cure to a point that I could tighten it a bit more to ensure a seal. To date, it has been successful.


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