Three Kings Day

In our last post we listed Kids’ Wish list for Santa as written by some very special young people. You may remember these little ones are living at a local children’s shelter, Casa Hogar, and are cared for by Manos de Amor (Hands of Love).

Kids Having Loads of Fun

Click here to see a bunch of happy kids!

Three Kings Day was celebrated at Marina La Cruz with games, music, food, and presents from Santa.

The day started by blindfolding one of the kids, giving him/or her a stick, and encouraging him (or her) to hit a piñata.

Boy Getting Ready to Play Bash-The-Piñata

Three piñatas  were filled with candy and waiting. Hitting a piñata with a stick while blindfolded is a game all the kids love to play and helped the kids use up some of their energy.

Girls and Boys Waiting to Play the Piñata Game

Everyone had a chance to crack open the piñata.

Let The Games Begin!

Resting After Bashing a Piñata

Wow, That Was A Lot of Work!

The child with the blindfold tries to bash the piñata with a stick until it pops opens and candy spills out.

Piñata Fun
 Candy Spilling Out of Piñata

When the piñata breaks open, there is a mad scramble for the candy. There is plenty for everyone.

Merle Making Piñata Dance

Handful of Candy From the Piñata

Santa’s Helpers Watching the Fun

Musical Chairs was next on the play list. Last year playing musical chairs was a new game to some. Now, it’s

Musical Chairs
Musical Chairs

Latcho and Andrea, performed playful gypsy and flamenco guitar music on this special day

Latcho and Andrea

Everyone Enjoying Latcho and Andrea

After playing these games, the kids were hungry! A delicious pot-luck feast was served.

Pot Luck Dinner
Everyone Had Plenty to Eat

What Is She Thinking?

Finally! What all the kids were waiting for: opening their presents!

Opening Presents
Opening Presents

More Presents, More Smiles

More Good Surprises
Lots of Smiles

Thank You!

Conchita, Valiene and Veronica for following their dream to create Manos de Amor a non-profit organization to help the less fortunate, especially the children of Bahia de Banderas.

Allison and Merle, Anclar Marine, for doing a hero’s job of organizing and inspiring all of us to help making this day for these children a whole lot brighter.

Katrina and Blanca, of Marina Riviera Nayarit  worked hard behind the scenes to help organize the event. The marina’s amphitheater was the perfect place to bash the piñatas and open Santa’s gifts!

Allison Merle, Shandro, and Matero on s/v KENTA ANAE, along with and many others for being Santa’s helpers.

Tami on s/v ANDIAMO III for establishing The La Cruz Kids Club in early 2011.

Everyone that selected an Angel and took the time to buy a gift help make this Three Kings Day a happy memory for some very special children.

Christmas Palm Trees     Angel with Wish List Attached

Latcho and Andrea donated their artistic talent and time to perform popular Gipsy Rumba & Flamenco guitar music. They perform regularly at Black Forest in La Cruz.

If you are in La Cruz around Christmas time, it’s easy for you to get involved. Here are some ideas: Choose an angel on the tree and donate a gift; join in the activities; ask Allison or folks in the marina office what needs to be done; spread the word by email or blog posts.

To learn more about Manos de Amor, click the link (or copy and paste the link into your browser).

Pictures courteous of Barry on s/v APHRODITE, Pam & Eric on s/v PIED-a-MER III and Keith and Olina on s/v ANON.

To view all of the pictures in this post and more, click on the Photo tab (above) or click on the camera icon (below).

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  1. Mike Latta on January 28th, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    It’s great to hear and see you guys doing so well and being such a presence there in La Cruz. Way to go!

  2. dave and marili on January 30th, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    Sounds like so much fun. It makes wish we were back there. Moo Moo purrs her hello.

  3. Bea on July 7th, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    Hi guys, it is more than 6 months, you did not post.
    How are you? Everything ok?
    s/v Luka

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    Laura and I have visited your blog from a smart phone and seems quite easy to navigate and with great pictures. Hope this feed back helps. kevin

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    Ahoj everybody …
    It is good to hear from you again.Your web site is great…if it is working good why fix it?
    We will send you more detail email..soon….maybe.
    Any trip back to SD ….?????
    We love you,we miss you……..later.
    Geo & Kitty clan

  6. Pam Sellix on November 11th, 2013 at 11:07 am

    Great blog!

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