IWSG March 3, 2021: Favorite Genre?

It’s the first Wednesday of the month and that means Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is enjoying its monthly blog fest invented by Alex J. Cavanaugh. IWSG is a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds.   

The awesome co-hosts for the March 3 posting of the IWSG are:

QUESTION: – Everyone has a favorite genre or genres to write. But what about your reading preferences? Do you read widely or only within the genre(s) you create stories for? What motivates your reading choice?

ANSWER: Crime, Fiction, Mystery and an occasional thriller and SiFi.

While researching lists of authors and genres, I visited Wikipedia and discovered, James Patterson (disambiguation).”

Well, I’d never heard the word “disambiguation” so I consulted professor Google and read several definitions. Here’s what Cambridge had to say:

Cambridge Dictionary definition – the fact of showing the differences between two or more meanings clearly: No age differences were found in children’s disambiguation of novel words.

Isn’t that special? I’m still confused.

Another part of the IWSG question was, “What motivates your reading choice?” I live outside the US and access to printed books is limited to what’s donated and exchanged between the expats. I tend to select the popular authors; ones I recognize.  The common theme revolves around a murder. I’m feeling the nudge to expand horizons and explore other themes.

The enormous selection and obvious choice is in the eBook realm. That requires releasing my grip on the printed form.

I’m contemplating buying a Tablet. Rumor has it, there is a wealth of reading material sitting in a cloud somewhere. I’m assured I need not be concerned about eye strain. A neighbor tells me the fondness of holding a book shall pass.

Those of you that have transitioned to eBooks, what electronic reading device do you recommend?

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to reading your comment.

22 thoughts on “IWSG March 3, 2021: Favorite Genre?

  1. Hi,
    I transitioned from paper book to ebook several years ago when I got my first iPad. The main reason I did it was because I would buy loads of books to bring back to Germany with me and the shipping cost kept rising.
    Today, I am glad I changed over. I use my iPad Pro. I installed the Kindle app for people who have an iPad.
    I don’t regret changing over at all. One of the major things that I like about ebooks is that I can download a sample before I buy it. I have my wishlist also on Kindle, and I usually notate my TBR list so that I won’t forget a book that I want to buy.
    And the best thing is that I always have my complete library with me, no matter where I go.
    In other words, I love it.
    Wishing you a good day.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

    1. Hi Pat,
      Using an iPad to read eBooks brought up a thought or two. If my electronic device is an iPad, I wonder if I’d be tempted to answer email, write, & etc. In other words get side tracked from reading?
      The sample feature and wish list are handy features. It also helps to know which ones I’ve read.
      Thanks for you visit and taking a moment to comment.

  2. It’s so interesting that, even withh its limited availability where you are, you prefer print books over eBooks for now. I must say, I totally love love love the eBook! Then again, I’m blind and Braille books are extremely clunky. I read eBooks on my iPhone, but if you’d prefer something that’s more similar to a physical book, I’d go for a tablet or eReader.

    1. Hi Astrid,
      It is great to meet you.
      I was inspired by your suggestion I consider an eReader. I’d only casually thought about a Kindle. One site reviewed 10 popular style tablets. Good grief, so many features to consider.
      We travel back to the States for medical checkups. On our return, we pack a few books into our suitcases. Often, we’ll exchange them for different books at various book exchanges.
      Must admit I’m impressed you are able to blog hop. I would appreciate learning how you travel to various Websites. Is there something I can put into my blogs to assist folks with disabilities to access my blog? Have you found a voice reader that adds inflection or do you use your imagination? You’ve introduced me to a whole new world.

  3. The nice thing about an eReader is you can change the font size. Plus most you can change the background to dark as well.
    I have an iPad which of course serves multiple purposes.

    1. Hi Alex,
      There seems to be several folks happy with the iPad. I always thought of the iPad screen equal to a computer screen which I don’t enjoy for recreational reading. My husband has one, sounds like I should give it a try. Thanks for the nudge.

  4. I think you hit it on the nail. An iPad does numerous things besides being your e-reader. I had an e-reader years ago. It was small, the print was small, and I kept wishing I had a hardcover. Since transitioning to an iPad, we haven’t looked back. It is so convenient. And the iPad is multipurpose. I love it.

    1. I’ve been looking at the iPad. Wow! I can see why the device is so attractive. I like the WiFi and Cellular feature plus the Apple pencil for jotting down notes.

      With both access features I’m not dependent on the WiFi. Which brings up something else to consider: another Cellular access plan to pay for.

      I think the eReaders are brands other than Kindle.

      1. Granted iPads are expensive. I don’t read enough to warrant a separate device just for reading if that makes sense. Plus if I read something and I suddenly have this overpowering need to double-check the writer’s correctness, all I have to do is jump on Google Chrome and check it out. To be honest, I do that a lot! With an e-reader, I’d have to put it down, go find my iPad, look something up, then try to remember where I put my e-reader. You see my dilemma?

        1. Hi Joylene,
          My quest seems to have set off a change reaction of information, options, and enlightenment.
          1. It finally dawned on me, I could experiment reading eBooks on Rick’s iPad. He has a enormousness eLibrary. We’ve been separated, so it was out of mind. It rocking gently on La Vita. Rick reads when he needs to take a break from work and rest his back.
          2. Many of the books on the iPad are also on my iPhone and computer. I’d dismissed this option, because I don’t like reading for pleasure on my computer. And assumed I wouldn’t enjoy the iPhone the screen is kinda small.
          3. Saturday CBS interviewed Steven Pressfield the author of “Tides of War,” a guide to inspire and support those who struggle to express their creativity. I became determined to read this book.
          4. After the interview, I opened my iPhone and searched my Kindle library. Low and behold, “Tides of War” was sitting there. One of the many books Rick had added to my library.
          5. I’m reading it on my iPhone and loving the book, although, I’d prefer a larger screen.
          6. When we visit the States for our medical checkups, I’ll buy my own iPad.
          It is incredible when desire and opportunity come together.
          Your post was the final push: iPad for all the reasons you described.

  5. That doesn’t fit the definition I had for ‘disambiguation’. Hmm… Now I need to Duck it (I use Duck Duck Go rather than Google).

    My husband loves reading on an iPad. I read on my large smartphone. Then it’s one less device to carry around.

    1. Hi Jacqui,
      I share your reluctance to use Google, but it was a simple way to say I searched the Web. We live in Mexico and several of the local Websites are in Spanish. Google does a great job in translating. Wish Duck could a offer a similar feature.

      I discovered several definitions for ‘disambiguation.’ For a word that is supposed to clarify something it is defined in several different ways.
      Thank you for visiting and co-hosting our March blog hop.

  6. I love my Kindle White for fiction, however, I do have a tablet–that I love–for magazines and use the Kindle app on it as well. I offer you only one warning: the bigger your tablet screen; the shorter the battery life. So you might want to buy a little battery bank to save you in a pinch if you opt for a larger screen. And buy a cover/case to keep it pristine.

    Happy shopping. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

    1. Hi Anna,
      I hadn’t considered the relationship between battery life and screen size. Makes perfect sense. I’ll investigate the buying a little battery bank.
      Cover excellent idea. Living on a boat for so many years, that would be a normal requirement.
      Thank you for your suggestions and taking time to visit.

  7. I prefer paper books, the audible, then digital. But living in the USA, it’s easy to have real books in my hand, except for my interest in late 19th Century and thankfully more and more books for that area are available digitally and at a low cost (often free) as they are out of copyright.

    Is that a sailboat I see you one in your profile?

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Once a year, we return to San Diego, California for medical check ups. There are several used books in the area. We have to careful not to fill our suitcases because of the shipping cost.
      You are very observant and the first person to recognized I’m on a sailboat. We have lived on La Vita since 2006. We’ve sailed into Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Valentines day 2011. Do to health reasons, we are listing her next week. Not easy to give up our dream.
      Thank you for visiting. Good luck with your 19th century book search.

  8. Give me a real book, please, Lynn! I may try reading from my computer since I do have Kindle books. Stay safe and good luck finding some great books to read.

    1. Hi Louise,
      The more I consider an eReader, my reading habits, and the large collection of books in our library, the more I wonder if I’m ready for another eDevice (I have an iPhone and computer). My habit it to read before falling asleep at night. I guess the jury is still out.
      It is interesting to learn how few seem to prefer paper books. Thank you for visiting.

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