by Rusty Debris

Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, halves, dollars

Hoarded by misers and studied by scholars

Coins used in various vending machines

Buying penny candy like jelly beans

Copper colored coins, a penny, one cent

The only thing left when your money is spent

Brown penny loafers, a penny arcade

Pretty pennies, penny postcards to trade

Now nickels aren’t nickel, mostly copper

Buffalos are bisons, to be proper

We don’t even spell nickel like pickle

Nickel is spelled E L and pickle L E

I just don’t get it, who makes up this shit!

5 cent packs of sweet scented Juicy Fruit gum

And nickels for the nickelodeon

Nickel-and-diming is just nitpicking

Good for rhyming if you watch your timing

But its better to be nickel-and-dimed

Than having to pay an arm and a leg

Or you end up with a hook and a peg

Speaking of the dime, so tiny and thin

As thick as a string on a violin

They’re a dime a dozen, don’t waste your time

Even a sports car may turn on a dime

There are dime novels, once a dime phone call

The crime of the dime, it’s just too damn small!

The dime pay phone went up to a quarter

Just like that all the pay phones disappeared

A quarter is one forth of a dollar

Some quarters might be hovels of squalor

Newspapers from racks were once a quarter

Quarters were to plug a parking meter

Or use a peso coin like a cheater

Don’t bet your money on a quarter horse

That seems like a very cheap horse, of course

Half dollar coins have gone by the wayside

Big fat fifty cent pieces up and died

Treasured from Kosovo to Mexico

That nice clean cut Kennedy cameo

John Kennedy was my inspiration

For a hopeful optimistic  nation

These are the keepers collected world wide

Silver JFK coins bursting with pride

Silver dollars are coins we all adore

You might hide them in your underwear drawer

Seated Liberty, Morgans, Peace, Draped Bust

Flowing Hair, all silver dollars we trust

Most coins tell you which country they’re from

Dollar coins say, “E. Pluribus Unum”

Which means, your bank account has been hacked

I consulted a famous nu-mis-ma-tist

Whose worthy advice ought not to be missed

Open your coin purse up to a full moon

Riches will cascade your way someday soon

Whats the best coin? Can you stand the suspense?

Dollars to donuts I’ll throw in two cents

Not Krugerands, renminbi or tupence

No Sacagawea, Drachma or Loonies

No Pesos, Rupees, Yuans or Toonies

Coin’s complexities are tied up in knots

The best coin is —“a penny for your thoughts.”

© 2021 Rusty Debris
M. Thomas Pulley Publishing

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